The Tightening Yoke of Neoliberalism

by Bullshit Hardcore Band

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released October 28, 2016

Written and recorded to 4-track cassette by the BSHC in Winter 2015/2016.

GB – bass, right speaker guitar, illustrations
LS – drums, vocals, left speaker guitar



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Bullshit Hardcore Band Guelph, Ontario

BSHC is two old punks with a tape machine

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Track Name: Austerity Disparity
Track Name: Let Them Eat Credit Default Swaps
they say we're in a money mess
we gotta learn to live with less
tighten our belts, we lived beyond our means
'cept they're still riding around in limousines

they trashed the world economy
and now sell us on austerity

the cult that worships legal tender
is tricking us into surrender

don't fall for another bankster fraud
Track Name: Slacktivism
how can I show I really care
about those in poverty?
light a candle? say a prayer?
just don't ask me to do anything

I'll care to share my take on world affairs
I'll donate and give, but lets not change the way we live

I need to make myself feel better
forget the truth that I can't face
I'll write a strongly worded letter
and raise money for a charity race

no need to bleed or get my hands dirty
just make sure I'm secure. keep reality away from me

don't act, don't do, just do whatever feels good to you x2
Track Name: City on a Hill, World in the Ditch
ever think how we have it the best
in the white european west?
is it our ingenuity?
or ruthless brutality?

send our troops out to far off lands
to keep all resources in our hands
dominate and exploit one another
we live our safe privileged lives at the expense of others
Track Name: Beasts of Burden
Track Name: Blockbuster Crime
we only wish to advertise
to us you're just a pair of eyes
manipulate and hypnotize
and please our financiers
we traffic in anxiety
selling notoriety
to whip up the society
and hold your gaze with fear

we need another blockbuster crime
to keep the fear stoked in their minds
we need another blockbuster crime
keep them tuned in all the time

we need to sell more guns
and sacrifice more plebeian sons
up the bar on megatons
and start another war
leak fake threats to the press
to keep the world under duress
its just for cash, we must confess
that's all the we live for
Track Name: Je Suis John Nuttall
we're always watching
digital stalking
skirting entrapment

whatcha gonna do when your screen watches you?
our paid informant directing your next move
we comb the data, our case is built
we're not sure of the crime yet but we're certain of your guilt

everyone's an enemy
Track Name: Wage Slave
Track Name: Fight the Tightening Yoke of Neoliberalism - this is not a manifesto, this is a fucking call to arms!
stand up, stand up
stand up and fight for your life
now's the time for blood and strife

get up, stand up
they're counting on you laying down
as their power spreads unbound
Track Name: Greenscreen Oracle
tomorrow's forecast calls for rain
just trust, this science is arcane
don't check tomorrow what I said today
there's more predictions on the way

just put your trust in me
I'm a well-trained authority
I'll speak the jargon just to prove
I don't have anything to lose

the market's hot, its time to buy
these stocks are gonna shoot sky-high
it doesn't matter if I'm wrong
I've just been guessing all along

just put your trust in me
I'm a well-trained authority
you’ve gone and lost a huge amount
but I'll never be held to account